Nevada IA Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School


Help support our school by purchasing your apples through our fundraising program!
We will be selling apples from the McWilliams Apple Orchard in October.  

These are Cheiftain apples which are a cross between Red Delicious and Jonathan which means they are sweet and firm. These appleas make great pies, applesauce and are perfect for eating. They also store very well without getting mushy. 

There are two grades of apples availabe:
First grade: pretty apples without skin blemishes (what you would buy in the store)
Second grade: may have skin blemishes and be smaller, but taste the same

You may purchase by the bushel or the half bushel. (a bushel is about 38 lbs.)
(If you purchased 38 lbs of apples from the grocery store at $1.49/lb it would cost you $56.62!)


Grade 1 Bushel        $33
Grade 1 1/2 Bushel  $17
Grade 2 Bushel        $21
Grade 2 1/2 Bushel  $11

To order:

Call: Gina 402-202-3473


Mail: Fruit Orders
224 6th St.
Nevada, Ia 50201 

Orders must be placed by OCTOBER 14, 2015.
Apples will be ready for pick up on October 29th at the Nevada SDA School.

Below is a link for the order form: 
site/1/docs/Fundraiser Order Form - Nevada.doc