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Assistant Teacher: Mrs. Alfred

I am passionate about...

The ‘ah-ha’ moments

Not only teaching, but seeing the end result of teaching and learning. Seeing the moment when a student finally understands a topic they’ve been struggling with. And then seeing them excited to share or help another student with that same topic.




My Classroom: my home away from home
I know that when my students come into my classroom, they will find a safe, welcoming, and inviting place. They will be comfortable and ready to learn. They will feel at home, not because they are used to the classroom or it is decorated in a welcoming way, but because my classroom is bright, creative, inviting and open.



Head Teacher/Principal: Mrs. Mueller

I am passionate about...

The kids: my biggest inspiration
The first day of school, new and old faces, new personalities that come with new students or that have changed over the summer. They all represent a unique potential for the new year. Nothing is more exciting to me than the discovery and development of students’ hidden strengths.




a + b = c and field trips

I am passionate about math! I love math…it never changes. Once you learn it, you know what to do. Field trips aren’t really a subject. But I do try to make sure that my field-trips are subject related and totally awesome!